Welcome to my New Adventure

22405435_10101527220475036_1794293977964963992_nHi Everyone!  I want to welcome you to my new “adventure”.  I call it an adventure because this is far beyond the reach of what I would say is my comfort zone – writing a blog.  First off, I am a math teacher and real estate agent.   I love math, my students, and making my clients happy.  Numbers and houses I am all in!  Writing, however, I would not say is my expertise. So please no judging on my writing mechanics! 😉

If you have not done so yet, please read my story so you get to know a little behind the scenes action.

Reasons for my blog and some ground rules:

  • To gain helpful and useful information about how your diet and food can effect Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • To share my experience and hopefully help others who are battling the same chronic illness.
  • To spread awareness about Rheumatoid Arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

This is definitely a work in progress.  I am learning this whole blog experience as I go a long.  I am extremely excited to share and look forward to comments and answering any questions.


“You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing. There will be no result” ~ Ghandi